Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Strange Bedfellows: Why the Left defends Islam

Strange Bedfellows
Why the Left defends Islam
by Douglas Nelson

When Omar Mateen killed and wounded over a hundred people at the Pulse in Orlando Florida, he pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State and shouted "Allahu Akbar!"The Attorney General of The United States, Loretta Lynch, said
"we don't know what his motive was." This of course is utter nonsense.How can someone be so blind to the blatantly obvious? Attorney General Lynch is a leftist and the Left see only what they want to see.

The Left considers itself to be a champion of a great many things among these would include the rights of women and homosexuals.In the Islamic world women are property and homosexuals are put to death.Yet any criticism of Muslim culture is branded by the Left as Islamophobia.Even before the bodies were cold in the aftermath of the largest mass killing of gays for being gay the Left looked the other way. They preached gun control of course but also homophobia without going into the details of what kind of homophobia.Mateen killed homosexuals because he believed homosexuality is against the will of Allah.You can't take the Islam out of his Islamic motives.You could argue his interpretation is wrong but the Left doesn't even do that. The Left will tell you with a straight face that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.The President himself has said that the Islamic State "is not Islamic." Apparently gays are below Muslims on the pecking order of the Left's priorities.Even so there was  a gay pride parade following the attack with a large banner proclaiming "Republican Hate Kills!"(Mateen was a registered Democrat by the way) The lengths at which the Left will go to ignore reality is really quite extraordinary.

So how can the Left give Islam a pass when it seeks the destruction and enslavement of people the Left claims to champion? Well the Left first and foremost hates the west. The west is a creature of Europe,capitalism and Christianity. In fact, if Al Qeada were a radical Christian group the Left would've nuked them years ago. Islam on the other hand is the faith of the east and more importantly the third world.In the Left's eyes the third world is the ultimate victim of Western Capitalist Imperialism that exploited them through colonialism.So if the third world is the ultimate victim of the Left's most hated foe then the third world's faith must be protected.

Some believe Obama is secretly a Muslim.In order to be a Muslim you must submit to Allah as the one true god. Obama's god appears before him in the mirror every morning while he's shaving. No Obama's not a secret Muslim he's just another hardcore leftist holding fast to the narrative of the oppressed third world's victim hood.

Now this explanation of the Left's view of Islam is still just as baffling but one should never approach the mindset of the Left with reason and logic because there isn't any in their world. If the truth comes between the Left and a precious narrative then the truth will be dead on arrival.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thr Rules

Here's a political comic strip idea I had called The Rules in which the ever changing social rules of the left are attempted to be explained.