Sunday, December 25, 2011

Power Fantasy

Here's a cover I did for my webcomic called Power Fantasy.
It's a super hero soap opera comedy. This is my second attempt at it.
I've since pulled the first one but I may put it back up.

Care Of The Hair And Nails.

When you were a child did you ever have nightmares about creepy old hags tormenting you? Well then this short just might have answers for you.
Care Of Hair And Nails is about some creepy old broad obsessed with personal hygiene. Not her own but the personal hygiene of children. Using her demonic powers of invisibility she's determined to make children as obsessive as her.

Sniffles And Sneezes!

How come everybody always says "you might catch a cold?" Isn't it more accurate that the cold catches you? I don't know I was just wondering.
Anyway here's a little short on colds. It's filled with runny noses, coughs, sore throats and all the stuff we all love about the common cold. Now if you get sick after watching this don't blame me. I just told you that this film is all about getting sick.
 Catch this cold here.

Cosmos: War Of The Planets!

Cosmos: War Of The Planets was Italy's answer to Star Wars but for some reason it just didn't catch on. Perhaps it was the God-awful special effects, or the incoherent editing,or the below soap opera-grade acting,or the fact that someone forgot to turn the lights on during filming, but it was probably due to those stupid shower caps that the starship crew had to wear.
Our sci-fi epic stars John Richardson as Captain Mike Hamilton. Richardson is best known as the grunting caveman who fell in love with Raquel Welch in the great classic One Million Years B.C. He also had a shot at being James Bond but lost to George Lazenby. The guy just couldn't catch a break. I mean it's one thing if you can say you lost the James Bond role to Sean Connery or even Roger Moore but to George Lazenby?!
Download this video wonder here. 

Beast From Haunted Cave.

Beast From Haunted Cave is a film about a bank heist that goes wrong. It doesn't go wrong because the police break up the plot. It doesn't go wrong because the gangsters' girlfriend grows a heart of gold. And no it doesn't go wrong because the handsome ski instructor foils their plans. No it goes wrong because the gangsters didn't count on running into a giant spider-beast living in a haunted cave.
Our feature stars Michael Forest who starred in Star Trek as Apollo. Remember he's the guy who grew into a giant and made Captain Kirk stare up his toga.
Warning: Due to an extreme lack of talent my riffs include a lot of bathroom humor.